How to Take the PERFECT Selfie!


As much as I am ashamed to admit it, I’m kind of a selfie addict. Look at my instagram, and most of my posts either consist of Frank, food, or myself making some ridiculously serious face. Or a half smile. Or whatever the hell I’m doing in this picture. But let’s be honest, this picture is pretty cool. It captures a moment in time that I don’t look like a total mess (and trust me, that does not happen often). I like to go back to these selfies, while dressed in pajamas with my hair in a greasy bun, and marvel at how good my hair looked that day. I do not look like this every day, nor do I look like this without makeup or filters. If you ever catch yourself wondering what filters and tricks I use to make my selfies appear “perfect” then keep on reading! Bare in mind, however, that these are just pictures, and we are all just as beautiful in our non photoshopped skin!


The first step to taking a good selfie is to be feeling yourself. There are days that I spend 10 minutes snapping shots of myself, and there is not a single one that I like. Yes, I am that person with 50 pictures of myself in the same outfit, doing about 20 different versions of the same face. And maybe 1 out of those 50 photos will be just alright enough to consider posting. As I type this I am shaking my head, so I can’t even begin to fathom what you guys are thinking. But hear me out! Confidence is key, and if you’re feeling fierce that day, then work it!


The second step is LIGHTING. YOU NEED GOOD LIGHTING. Now I am fortunate enough to have professional lighting due to my YouTube channel, but it has taken me practically two years to figure everything out and perfect it. Heck, who am I kidding? I still struggle with lighting. I HIGHLY recommend getting a ring light. It illuminates your face absolutely perfectly, and just makes your eyes shine. You can find a cheap one on for a little over $100.00, but if you really want to splurge, get the Diva Ring Light, but brace yourselves, it’s $300.00. If you’re thinking, “Stepanka is smoking drugs if she expects me to spend hundreds of dollars”, then there is an alternative. BUT, it’s going to rely on weather conditions and time of day. Utilize natural light, and every time you take a selfie, make sure that you are facing a window. Lamps can work sometimes too, but oftentimes, I feel that they make your face too yellow-y.


Filters and Facetune. I know I am a total hypocrite when I say this, but the app Facetune is the shit. I’ve spoken out before about “instagram models” photoshopping their photos. And I do think it’s a bit ridiculous for girls to be morphing their bodies. And of course, there are definitely THOSE people on social media that Facetune themselves to shit. DON’T be that person. There is a way to use Facetune to slightly enhance your skin and features without looking like someone coated you in baby powder, or made you look like an abnormally perfect alien. Let me give you some examples.


The first photo is Facetuned TOO much. The skin doesn’t look natural, the eyes are too shiny and white. I see this done a lot, and I personally don’t see the point. That much editing isn’t necessary. I think Facetune should be used to lessen under eye circles and to enhance the color of your eyes. The middle photo is probably the one I would upload, but some would argue that even that is too edited. The last photo is untouched (with the exception of a filter). It really comes down to personal preference, but I think the more natural and real you look, the better!


Have a focal point! Don’t have too much going on in your photo. Make sure that you pick something to emphasize, whether it be your eyes, your lips, or your hair. Just make sure there is nothing in the background that detracts too much from your gorgeous self!

My favorite editing apps: Facetune for correcting imperfections, blemishes, and brighting eyes. PhotoGrid for adding white borders, cropping, and adding a blurred background. Color pop for creating greyscale images with a pop of color (like the photo at the top of the page). Pic Collage for creating fun collages with cool text. I use 1-2 of these apps each time I edit a photo.

And that is it. This post might seem stupid and trivial, but who cares?! Taking selfies are a great way to boost your confidence and make yourself feel fierce. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself and the way that you look. Sometimes it is okay to be a little narcissistic. It’s honestly all about having fun and feeling good. If you think all of these steps are a waste of time or seem agonizing, then no big deal! Do what makes you happy. Now go out there and take some badass selfies. Make sure to tag me in your new and improved selfie 😉





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