The TRUTH and LIES of YouTubers

As a YouTuber, I have come under a lot of heat for exaggerating, being dramatic, using click-bait titles, showing too much skin, being an attention-whore, and the list goes on. So here is the TRUTH, because lately on YouTube, I feel like there has been less and less of the truth. I used to LOVE watching YouTube, and now I can barely stomach some of my favorite channels because I know most of it is publicity stunt BS. Some of it, I have always been aware of, because if you’ve been making videos as long as I have, you begin to learn all of the tricks or the trade. And just because I have a grasp on what really happens behind the YouTube curtain, there is no way I would ever participate in half of it.

So let me be honest with you guys. Am I over-dramatic? 100% yes. I am an actress, and a total drama queen. Always have been, and my family makes fun of me for it. It’s just how I am, and sometimes I might make little things, like dropping my slice of pizza, seem like the end of the world. I remember as a child, if anything bad ever happened to me, I’d literally start sobbing, drop to my knees, and declare to the world that I hated everyone. I am totally guilty of being a crazy fucking bitch. However, in light of recent years’ events, I have calmed down a LOT. More on that another time.

Anyways, Do I use click-bait titles? I used to be extremely defensive of myself and how I do not use click-bait titles. Oh no! I use “creative” titles, I’d always argue. I also felt that it was unfair to be accused of this considering I see YouTubers who do it to a MUCH larger extent. And not only do they do it much more than I do, but they really rank in on the views and money by doing so. Do I? Not exactly. Is that a good enough excuse for me? Not really. My titles will always have relevance to the video, this you must understand. I will never make a video about one topic, and have the title be something completely different. Will my titles be over-exaggerated? Some of the time, yes. Do I see it as a problem? No, and if you do, then go ahead and unsubscribe. No hard feelings. It’s marketing. I bought a bag of coffee grounds that said on the label “Best Coffee Grounds” (or something to that extent). Were they the best? No, they tasted like dick, but I digress.

Do I show too much skin? Yes, but I’m 25 and I will do as I please. You can literally wear a chicken costume daily, and I will fully support you if it makes you happy. We all should be allowed to live our lives the way we want to.

Am I an attention-whore? Probably. I do, after all, have a channel on the internet where I talk about my personal life. It’s not like I make videos to just sit on the internet and not get watched. I do like attention, but what human being DOESN’T? We all want to feel liked, loved, and understood. All I hope is that I can steer the attention I get to important topics like confidence, living fearlessly, and unashamedly being yourself!

In the YouTube community, where there are so many lies, I want to be honest with you guys. Because I see you as more than just my subscribers. I really don’t like to call you my subscribers. I don’t even like calling you fans, or have some other pseudonym for the word fans. Yes, I call you guys my “pizzas” from time to time, but at the end of the day, most of you are my friends. Some of you are amongst my closest friends, and my favorite people. I will always keep it real. No bullshit drama for views. None of it. Why? Because being in the position I am, with the amount of subscribers and support I receive, THE LEAST I can do, is be genuine and authentic.





6 thoughts on “The TRUTH and LIES of YouTubers

  1. thesaltlifewife says:

    Very valid points! I’m sure everyone says or thinks this- but I am 100% real on my channel and if by some crazy mistake I got “big” on YouTube, I would still be me. No click bait titles needed. I think u just flack Stef because u are young, beautiful Ans talented. So people are always gonna hate on u. But no worries- their just jealous! Love u girl!!!!


  2. Michaela38 says:

    I will always admire you for who you are. You are my fav youtuber and I already feel like we knew each other (although you dont know me at all :D) – that the feeling yoi give to your “fans” πŸ™‚ Stay the way you are. Love, Michaela (CZ)


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